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Sample course syllabi for

• British Literature Survey

• Shakespeare's Plays

• Restoration to 18th Century British Literature

• Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales

• Introduction to Poetry (for nonmajors)

• Introduction to Old English

• History of the English Language

My ten years of teaching experience encompasses a wide-range of literature and writing courses. I have taught British Literature survey courses where I and my students read from Beowulf up to Milton. In one of these I designed and taught a sequence on Early Drama (liturgical church drama, mystery plays, mummings, and interludes).  I have also taught thematically arranged Introduction to Poetry courses, designed to let students explore how poetry expresses love, grief, spiritual struggle, and humor. My upper-division course on Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales emphasized the multi-vocal debating aspects. In all of these courses, I have taught critical thinking and academic writing skills. My experience teaching dedicated writing courses has included argumentation, cultural studies, developmental writing, and business writing. 

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