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Ph.D. English Literature, Minor in Medieval Studies — Indiana University

Dissertation: ‘Make thereof a game:’ The Findern Manuscript’s Lyrics and their Late Medieval Textual Community. (Chair, Shannon Gayk, Associate Professor of English)


M.A. English Literature — Oklahoma State University

Thesis: "Singing from the Book: An Analysis of Middle English and Latin Lullaby Lyrics in Harley 913"


B.A.  English Creative Writing, Minor in German — Oklahoma State University




 “Buried in an Hert: French Poetics and the Ends of Genre in Chaucer’s ‘The Complaint Unto Pity.’” The Chaucer Review 51, no. 2 (2016): 187-208.


 “The Findern Manuscript (CUL Ff.1.6).” Oxford Bibliographies. Oxford University Press.



Honors and Awards:

National Competitions:

  • New Chaucer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship, Saint Louis University 2016/17

  • National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Scholar (Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales) 2016

  • Schallek Award, Medieval Academy of America 2013

  • Helen Mins Robbins Residential Dissertation Fellowship, University of Rochester 2012/13


Conference Paper Prizes and Fellowships:

  • Donald Howard Travel Grant, New Chaucer Society 2012

  • Sewanee Medieval Colloquium Paper Prize, Sewanee Medieval Colloquium 2011, for:
    "'Synge with mery hert this song with us’; Exploring the Interpretive Implications of the Musical Fragments and Manuscript Context of Cambridge MS. Ff.1.6.”

  • Jim Falls Paper Prize, Mid-American Medieval Association Conference 2005, for:
    "Arming Arthur: The Middle English Inheritance of Arming Scenes from Classical Epics."


Selected University Honors:

  • Summer Dissertation Fellowship, Indiana University 2014

  • Western European Studies Research Grant, Indiana University 2013

  • GPSO Research Award, Indiana University Summer 2013

  • Donaldson First Year PhD Fellowship, Indiana University 2008

  • Robberson Research Fellowship, Oklahoma State University 2005, 2007

  • Harry M. Campbell Fellowship for Outstanding MA Student, Oklahoma State University 2006

  • Travel Grants: College Arts & Humanities Institute Graduate Conference Travel Award, Indiana University 2014; C. Clifford Flanigan Travel Grant, Indiana University 2011, 2012, 2014; English Department Travel Award, Oklahoma State University 2006, 2007.



Invited Lectures & Workshops:

“Assembling Arguments: The Collecting and Repurposing of Texts for the Late-medieval Nature of Women Debate.” Making the English Book Conference, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University, October 2017.

“Remaking the Querelle des femmes in the Later Middle Ages.” Textual Revolutions Series. English Department. Saint Louis University, February 2017.


“Teasing Out the Interactive Reading Practices of the Findern MS (CUL Ff.1.6).” Marco Manuscript Workshop. The Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. University of Tennessee, February 2016.


“‘In Earnest and in Game’: Reading the Findern MS as an Archaeological Artifact from a Late Medieval Game of Love.” Helen Ann Mins Robbins Fellow Lecture. Robbins Library, University of Rochester, April 2013.



Conference Presentations (refereed):

“A worthy womman al hir lyve”: The Textual Mothers and Daughters of Chaucer’s Female Voices.” New Chaucer Society Congress, Toronto, Canada, July 2018.

“Letting Gower Teach the Game of Love.” Fourth International Congress of the John Gower Society, Durham, England, 2017.


 “Sowing the ‘Seed of Conpleynte’: Surveying the Manuscript Contexts for Middle English Querelle des Femmes Texts.” Early Book Society Conference, Durham, England, 2017.


 “Querelle over and in the Findern MS (CUL Ff.1.6): An Analysis of the Women's Names and Female Voices within the Manuscript.” International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, 2016.


“Translating Lechery to Love: Reading ‘Apollonius of Tyre’ within the Findern MS  (CUL Ff.I.6).” Third International Congress of the John Gower Society, University of Rochester, 2014.


“Sweet Words of Love and Tart Replies: The Signs of Playful Literate Practices in the Findern MS (CUL Ff.1.6).” International Medieval Conference, Leeds, England, 2013.


“Touching Hands in the Dance: The formal linkages governing text selection and production in CUL MS Ff.1.6.” Early Book Society Conference, St. Andrews, Scotland, 2013.


“‘Sometyme y lovyd’: A look at fifteenth-century gentry women’s participation in the “game of love” within the Findern MS.” Medieval Academy of America Meeting, Knoxville, 2013.


“Playing the Game: Recovering the Social and Manuscript Context for the Textual Interplay in the Findern Manuscript (CUL Ff.1.6).” New Chaucer Society 2012.


 “‘Synge with mery hert this song with us’: Exploring the Interpretive Implications of the Musical Fragments in Cambridge MS. Ff.1.6.” Sewanee Medieval Colloquium, 2011.


“Reading Hoccleve Wrong: Collation Variations of ‘The Letter of Cupid.’” Mid-American Medieval Association Annual Conference, 2009.


“Singing from the Book: Capitalum Marks Used as Performance Markers in a Lullaby Lyric from Harley MS 913.” International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, 2007.


"Bold Bawdry: Malory's Blend of Christianity and Pragmatism in his Treatment of Sexual Infidelity." International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, 2006.


"Arming Arthur: The Middle English Inheritance of Arming Scenes from Classical Epics." Mid-American Medieval Association Conference, 2005.




Literature Courses

Chaucer: Canterbury Tales- Instructor of Record

(ENGL 4240-01 • WGST 4930-01, Saint Louis University / Sp 2016)

Senior level course, cross listed with Women’s and Gender Studies. Students close read, analyze, and research the Middle English text. Special emphasis is placed on the text’s interactive nature (its embedded questions and debates). 2 papers, 5 reflections, and 1 exam.


Introduction to Poetry- Instructor of Record

 (ENG-L205, Indiana University / F 2014, Sp 2015, Sp 2018)

Introductory course for non-English majors. Students learn to independently read, enjoy, and interpret poetry covering a wide range of time periods and forms. Course included reading strategies, scansion, interpretation, and writing skills. 3 papers and 2 exams.


Literatures in English to 1600- Teaching Assistant

(ENG-E301, Indiana University / F 2013)

Upper division discussion sections for English majors (tied to a lecture course). I directed student discussion, contextualized readings in their time periods, and performed half of the grading and commenting on 2 essays and 2 exams. Additionally, I taught selections from the Canterbury Tales and early drama in the lecture course.


Great Works of Literature- Teaching Assistant

(ENGL 1923, Oklahoma State University / Sp 2006)

Lower-division discussion section for non-English majors (tied to a lecture course). Students read texts spanning Greek antiquity to Modern America. I taught reading/note-taking practices, guided discussions, and assisted with grading exams.


British Literature Survey I- Substitute Instructor

(ENGL 2543, Oklahoma State University / F 2007)
A chronological survey for lower-division English majors. I taught medieval portion of the course for 4 weeks, when the professor of record had to take emergency leave.


Writing Courses

Professional Writing- Instructor of Record

(ENG-W231, Indiana University / F 2011, Sp 2012, Sp 2014, F 2015, Sp 2016, F 2017, Sp 2018)

A writing intensive course focused on planning, drafting, and revising common forms of professional writing. 8 individual projects and a multi-part group project sequence.


Reading, Writing, and Inquiry- Instructor of Record

(ENG-W131, Indiana University / F 2009–Sp 2011, Sp 2016)

First-year composition course focused on analytical thinking and writing as a process. Reading and writing assignments were based around cultural studies. 5 microthemes and 3 papers.


First Year Composition I and II- Instructor of Record

(ENGL 1113, Oklahoma State University / F 2005, F 2006; Alternate Enrollment Section Sp 2005; Linked section for Merchandising Majors F 2005, Sp 2006; ENGL 1213/ Sp 2007)

Two-semester first-year composition course sequence focused on building skills in fluency, expression, tone, audience and organization. 5 essays with revisions.



Academic Employment:

Full-time Faculty Appointments

2017-2018  Visiting Lecturer, Department of English, Indiana University

2016–2017  New Chaucer Society Postdoctoral Fellow, Saint Louis University

2015–2016  Visiting Lecturer, Department of English, Indiana University


Half-time Graduate Positions

2014–2015  Teaching Fellow, Department of English, Indiana University

2009–2014  Associate Instructor, Department of English, Indiana University

Summer 2011  Book Indexer for Form and Reform: Reading Across the Fifteenth Century

2005–2009  Teaching Assistant, Department of English, Oklahoma State University

2004–2008  Webmaster for English and First Year Composition, Oklahoma State University.




  • Postdoc Mentor: Woode-Walkers (graduate student writing and professionalization organization), Saint Louis University, 2016-17

  • Graduate Coordinator: Medieval Song School (pronunciation and paleography practice for graduate students), Indiana University, 2014-17

  • Wikipedia Editor: Findern Manuscript page, 2014–16

  • Docent and Setup Crew: Vagantes Medieval Graduate Student Conference, 2013

  • Editor: English Department Graduate Student Handbook, Oklahoma State University, 2006–8

  • Cataloger (Volunteer): Antiphonary Manuscripts, Tulsa University Library Special Collections, 2007

  • President: English Graduate Studies Association, Oklahoma State University, 2007-8

  • Vice-president: English Graduate Studies Association, Oklahoma State University, 2006–7

  • Chair: Development Scholarship Committee, Oklahoma State University, 2008

  • Member: Faculty Award Committee, Oklahoma State University, 2006



Professional Memberships:

American Association of University Women

College English Association

Early Book Society

International Arthurian Society

International Courtly Literature Society

John Gower Society

Medieval Academy of America

Medieval Association of the Midwest

Mid-American Medieval Association

Modern Language Association

National Council of Teachers of English

New Chaucer Society




Summer Medieval Latin Course, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto (2007)

Paleography Summer School, University of London (2006)



Archival Research:

Cambridge University Library, Cambridge, UK (Summer 2013)

Derbyshire Records Office, Matlock, UK (Summer 2013)

Pontifical Institute, Toronto, CA (Summer 2007)

British Library, London, UK (Summer 2006)



Training in Medieval Studies:

  • Reading ability in Latin, Old and Middle English, German, and French

  • Knowledge of medieval musical notation styles and musical forms

  • Expertise in paleography and codicology

Full Curriculum Vitae